Berlin TXL – The Urban Tech Republic

The former Tegel Airport is making room for Berlin to grow. Emerging here is an industrial and research park for urban technologies: “Berlin TXL – the Urban Tech Republic”. Berlin is reclaiming a piece of the city and creating spaces for industry, business, and science. And it will be located just 15 minutes from the seat of government of Europe’s most important industrialized nation.

The innovation park aims to keep this 21st century booming metropolis going. This will be the place where urban technologies are researched, developed, produced, tested, and exported. This will be the place where science and research meet industry and businesses, and where start-ups meet investors. And they are all working together on the solutions for the cities of tomorrow.

Tegel Projekt GmbH Urban Tech Republic, Gebäude V Flughafen Tegel 1 13405 Berlin Phone: +49 30 577 1401 0 E-Mail: